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Google Analytics / Tracking

Knowing how critical data is, how important is it to be tracking data accurately on your site?

We track and setup across any platform including Google Analytics (GA), Google Tag Manager, Google Ads, Facebook Pixels.

Tracking Audit
Tracking Install & Config
GA Filters & Segments
GA Funnel Configuration
GA Multi site/domain setup

Advanced Goal Setup

Are there smarter ways to track goals on your site that will enable you to make even better decisions and indicators of performance?

The quality of your goals determines the quality of your outcomes.

Goal Audit
Goal Setup

Behaviour Tracking

How valuable is it when you can make decisions based on data that’s actually relevant?

We discover all these insights with you by implementing and collecting the most effective data.

Conversion Funnels
Session Recordings
Rage Clicks
Form Analysis

Custom Dashboards

What are the metrics that are actually valuable to you and what insights will support your decision making?

Using business intelligence and data visualization tools we create design and create custom reports to your business and the decisions you need to make.

Expert Insights

Would you rather the insights you need or the insights you want to hear?

Because the same data can be interpreted any number of ways a confirmation bias comes up unintentionally. We love data and are passionate about data integrity and we allow that passion and our experience to lead us to provide you with insights that will make a difference.

Custom Data Sources

What if you could query custom data sets and connect them to your dashboards?

Since you’ve been collecting and building your data sources the next thing is how well are you utilizing that, either through automated processing or by specific targeted extracts that help guide your decision making.